How To Clear Blocked Sewers and Drain Lines Faster Than Ever Before

The Problem With Current Root Clearing

Today penetrating a sewer blockage caused by tree roots means using a controlled rotating nozzle for example, a backward blasting nozzle. If you are not successful in penetrating the root blockage you have to change your nozzle. You will use a standard 1 forward jet and 3 back jet set up or something similar.  But there are lots of problems with this:

  • When you are jet blasting with a standard nozzle it feels like your holding onto a rocket with a string. It is very hard manual labour.
  • Blasting through a large number of tree roots is not just very hard it is also time consuming.
  • You have to penetrate first with a small nozzle then, once the hole is big enough, you have to send through the turbo nozzle on a 180 degree bend or your controlled rotating Warthog or Rootex nozzle and hope it works.
  • And all the while you have to twist and turn and pull the hose trying to hit all the roots some how.
  • Some jobs just take forever to cut through the tree roots and other blockages.
  • This creates poor returns and stress if a fixed-price is given because you don’t know how long the job will take.
  • Or if you are working on an hourly rate you have your customers stressing about costs.
  • This time factor also means a lot of wear and tear on your pressure water jet hose, video cable, motor and pump costing you more on equipment repairs.
  • Let’s not even talk about your fuel costs.
  • And it is also hard on your body – so hard that you collect injuries over time.


Our Innovation

With our new sewer nozzle assemblies there is no need to stress. We have created a way to directly hit the blockage – blasting through it in no time.

This is Jim Paris the inventor of Direct Hit Sewer Nozzle assembly. He’s a little camera shy. Jim is a plumber in Sydney – Australia – and small business owner just like you.

He was driven to a solution, due to all of the problems mentioned, and particularly by the ever increasing pain of a shoulder and back injury. Jim nearly gave up doing blocked drains due to the fact it was too hard on his body. His business specialises in blocked drains having unblocked over 35,000 sewer and stormwater lines so far.

Jim’s fear was that his income would drop substantially and the standard of his life would greatly be affected by his injury. This fear drove Jim to start experimenting, designing, prototyping and testing different carriages and accessories he developed to make clearing sewers easier. That’s how Direct Hit Sewer Nozzles accessories were created.


What These Assemblies Can Do

  1. Can travel upstream or down the line, parallel on the bottom of the line without bouncing all over the place like other nozzles. Imagine it as a two train engines back to back on train track.
  2. Directly hit the blockage on the bottom of the pipe at 90 degrees.
  3. Cut forward with a turbo nozzle.
  4. Cut back with the back turbo nozzle.
  5. Produce laminar water.
  6. Cut through live tree roots.
  7. Cut through 19mm standard pine timber.
  8. Last up to five times longer than ceramic seat nozzles.
  9. Work with 180F hot water.
  10. By using the centraliser you increase the cutting power of the assembly it works without the need to turn and twist the hose.
  11. It can go through 100 and 150 mm terracotta  traps and cut roots on the other side.
  12. Up or down or around a 100mm 90 bends.
  13. Up or down 100mm inspection openings and all junctions (without the centraliser).
  14. Up or down 150mm inspection openings and all junctions with the centraliser.
  15. With the Direct Hit front nozzle adapter it slides over pipe dislodgments, sold as an extra for your back nozzle.
  16. It will only exit the pipe if the dislodgment is over 38mm for the C38 or 43 mm for the C43.
  17. For more information go to our catalogue pages 31-36 and page 39.





What These Assemblies Can’t Do

  1. Go through any 100 mm PVC traps.
  2. See pages 31-36 and page 39 of our catalogue for more information.


Direct Hit nozzle assemblies allow you to blast through tree roots, grease and even through 19 mm pine timber faster than ever before. Clearing drains and sewers has now become easier for you and your staff because now you can cut roots blast with front and back facing turbo nozzle assemblies.

Please download our catalogue for all current information.

C38rs Sewer Nozzle Assembly

C38rs Sewer Nozzle Assembly

Direct Hit DC38 Sewer Nozzle

DC38 Sewer Nozzle Assembly

DC38 Back to Back Starter Kit

DC43 Sewer Nozzle Assembly

Direct Hit back to back nozzle assembly products are so much easier to use because you don’t need to twist the hose which means less pulling strain on your body.

When you are using the back to back assembly you can go further down stream into a blockage than before

You will work much faster with the powerful cutting power of this nozzle assembly. It will allow you to do more jobs, faster and without the stress, due to the confidence that our assembly will give you.

Less labour, less fuel, less time, less stress, less water, less carbon foot print and more profits. Yes more dollars in your pocket!


The Safest Way To Clear An Unknown Blockage The C38rs -Click for More Information