Plumber designed turbo nozzles that just work

Tested and proven in over 35,000 drain clearing jobs

What are you planning to use your nozzles for?

Why Choose Direct Hit Nozzles

If you are driving your car in a big city with traffic you need an automatic gear box. If you are driving around mountains, up and down big hills, you need a manual gear box, powerful motor, good brakes and a good suspension.

Most nozzles today that are trying to cut big roots in drain lines feel like when you in your car in a city with bad traffic that is not moving. FUSTRATING!

Out of frustration have created a new concept in allowing you to customise your sewer nozzle assemblies as if you where racing on a track.

When you start using a Direct Hit nozzles assembly for the first time you realise that you have more choices on how to unblock the blocked drain.

As you go on using our products, you get more experience with building you own combination of assembly. You pick what carriage you need, add a turbo nozzle or cap, maybe an accessory and build a race car.

  • 1 st gear: is the C38rs
  • 2 nd gear: is the C43rs
  • 3 rd gear: is the Dc38
  • 4 th gear: is the Dc43
  • 5 th gear: is the ……..and so on

Now if you want to supercharge your engine or change the suspension you just add a stage 1,2,3,or 4 ring. Start your jetters engines………lets race and have fun. Direct Hit nozzles and assembilies, will put a smile on you face.

What Sets Us Apart

If your existing sewer / drain nozzle and it can’t penetrate or cut the job, we have a solution that goes past that limitation. 

  • ​Long lasting. Lasts 5x longer than any other rotating nozzle. Made from heavy duty stainless steel with tungsten carbide seats.
  • Laminar flow water jets. More powerful penetrating and cutting.
  • Specialist tools allow you to penetrate forward and cut backwards.
  • Back to back design makes the nozzles easier to use.
  • Easier and low cost servicing with repair kits.
  • Direct Hit® carriages are designed to direct the water jet cone to the best possible angle of attack without the operator twisting and turning.

Rapid Forward Penetration Into A Blockage