About Us

Hello, I’m Jim Paris, the inventor of Direct Hit Sewer Nozzle assembly. I am a plumber in Sydney – Australia – and a small business owner just like you. My plumbing business specialises in clearing blocked drains and sewers, and we have unblocked over 35,000 sewer and stormwater lines to date.

Over the years, I’ve been challenged both by a shoulder injury and the ineffectiveness of the current generation of sewer nozzles. This challenge is because most nozzles on the market are so slow and ineffective. I nearly gave up doing blocked drains due to the fact it was too hard on my body and the ever-increasing pain of a shoulder and back injury.

I was worried that my income would drop substantially and that my standard of life would greatly be affected by my injury.

This fear drove me to start experimenting, designing, prototyping and testing different carriages and accessories to make clearing sewers easier. That’s how I came to create Direct Hit Sewer Nozzles.

Our nozzles will  put a smile on your face and more dollars in your pocket as your drain clearing business fires ahead of your competition with:

  • Fast clearances
  • Less stress and strain
  • Less wear and tear on your body AND your equipment
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Higher profit margins

Start here to decide which nozzles are right for you.  If you have any questions about our sewer and drain clearing turbo nozzle assemblies, please contact us.