Direct Hit Videos

Demonstration Of Our Penetrating and Cutting Turbo Nozzle Assemblies

Note the first video shows an old style competitor’s nozzle in action trying to penetrate a blockage as a comparison.

Demo 1: Example Of How An Old Style Competitor’s Nozzle Does Not Penetrate A Blockage

Demo 2: The Same Blockage Penetrated In Seconds With A C38rs Turbo Nozzle

Direct Hit’s new product just released on the market. Direct Hit nozzles and accessories are specially designed ┬áto clear tree roots and blast through blockages in sewer and storm water lines and drains. Watch how our sewer nozzles and accessories cut through a block of 19 mm pine wood in under 7 secs. Imagine what it would do to sewer blockages – the fastest, easiest and most economical way to clear a drain.

Demo 3: In Action Direct Hit Sewer Nozzle With 3 Side Jets

Our New C38rs Nozzle Assembly

Our New C43rs Nozzle Assembly

The DC38 Nozzle Assembly

The DC43 Nozzle Assembly

The Problem With Old Style Nozzles