Heavy Duty Hydro Excavation Nozzles That Outlast Cheaper Nozzles By Five Times

What type of hydro-excavation do you want to do?

Standard Hydro Excavation Turbo Nozzle - 18 Degree

Standard18 Degree Hydro Excavation Nozzle

Our standard hydro excavation nozzle pushes out a powerful water jet while rotating at a high speed to 19 degree cone of coverage. This water pattern typically used in potholing applications.

The standard nozzle is manufactured with a high strength, corrosion-resistant, 303 stainless steel housing.

The tungsten carbide seat and nozzle offer unmatched wear and shatter resistance over ceramic material commonly utilised in other nozzles.

Heavy Duty Hydro Excavation Turbo Nozzle - 18 Degree

Heavy Duty 18 Degree Hydro Excavation Nozzle

The HE38HD is the first heavy duty reverse turbo nozzle specifically designed for the hydro excavation industry. 

The seat is locked in position and can not move inwards towards the rotor and damage it. The rotor can be dismantled on site to be cleaned from any debris.

The outside black protection cover can be replaced by screwing it off and putting a new one back on.

Rotors can get blocked on the work site and it is a problem. We have created dismantlable rotors for easy cleaning to get you back up and running at the site! No time wasting, don’t take the nozzle offsite, etc.