Customer Comments About Direct Hit Sewer Nozzles

Short story on a marvellous outcome to a definite dead end job.

Recently I won a contract to a large facility and one of the first jobs they asked me to have a look at was blocked bathroom that apparently hadn’t been used for years. 2 plumbers had attempted to correct this problem there advise was it had to be excavated the facility asked me is there anything I could do, my answer was I have a 5000 psi jetter machine; I will give it my best.

We attempted the job and found heavy tree root problems. We managed too partially clear it only removing the water giving us camera access to view the problem.

I then discovered that the root formation was way too thick for my jet to penetrate and found my root cutter only cuts backwards making the job impossible. On hearing about a new jet head and did some research, found the internet site that impressed me, left me speechless. I employed the services of Jim Paris Plumbing to see if we could use the Direct Hit jet nozzle.

We ran the jet and found that it cuts the roots with unbelievable ease. Comments by my staff and clients were “what a tool” and “unbelievable”. I recommend this to anyone that’s serious about what they do and invite them to call me anytime for more details.

Paul Glekas

Contact: 0414 436 249

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