Penetrating Drain and Sewer Nozzles

Stage 1: The First Nozzle Assembly You Need

If you are in the drain clearing business or are asked to clear a drain for a customer, you will know it's not always straight forward. Likely the customer has already tried drano, hot water or a plunger. So now they are looking for a cheap solution and there's no time for mucking about.

Your first task it to get into the drain and clear the way so you can get a CCTV in there safely to see what is going on. The old ways of doing that such as plumbing rods, electric eels are just plain hard work and often don't get the job done.

And most jetter nozzles in the market simply operate like bumble bees in a jar. They fly around all over the place but don't make much impression on the blockage.

Penetrators are used to powerfully cut forward into line blockages.

This is where the Direct Hit penetrator turbo nozzles come in. They penetrate forward.  Really fast!

They are the the most effective and powerful forward cutting turbo nozzles on the market. This is because the water jet is a laminar flow jet. The power of your pump is not taken away with water turbulence. This means they are capable of cutting through tree roots, ice, grease, toilet wipes and much more. 

You can use them to penetrate and cut forward in soft or hard materials. You can then flush out all debris from the line without changing nozzles. They work up-stream or down-stream through a minimum 50 mm access point. Our penetrator nozzles have attachments allowing you to adjust the angle of attack in the line.

The penetrators can enter a line and go around many types of bends as shown. 

You can use the assemblies in all pressures up to 5000 psi and in hot water up to 180 F or 80 C.  

Once you have cleared the entrance of the blockage, you can get your safely CCTV down and have a look. Then you can use the penetrator to either clean the line forward or for tougher jobs, clear a path thought the blockage to get your jetter hose through the blockage so you can clean it away with a Direct Hit cutting turbo nozzle.

DC38 Nozzle Assembly - What Pipe Bends it works in

Which Penetrator Nozzle Assembly  Is Right For Me?

You will need a jetter that produces a water flow of more than 5.5 gals per min (21 litres per min) 

C38rs Penetrating Turbo Nozzle

For use in under 4" lines

Use the C38rs when you want to penetrate into blockages in 2.5" - 4" lines (65 mm - 100 mm). The nozzle assembly can enter lines with a minimum if a 2" (50 mm) access point. 

C43rs Penetrating Turbo Nozzle

For use in 4"+ lines

Use the C43rs when you want to penetrate into blockages in 4" - 6+" lines (100 mm - 150+ mm). The nozzle assembly can enter lines with a minimum if a 2" (50 mm) access point. 

Turbo Nozzle Assemblies Designed From Experience To Work Faster And Longer

35,000 Drains

Direct Hit nozzle assemblies have cleared over 40,000 drains in the last three years.


We make carriages that fit accessories and turbo nozzles. You can interchange nozzles to create different assemblies.

Tried and Tested

We have used and tested our assemblies at 5000 psi for over three years without any breakdowns or maintenance required.

Inbuilt Quality 

All parts are stainless steel. We use the highest quality turbo nozzles we can find in the world. 

Longer Lasting

We use tungsten carbide seats and high quality nozzles. Our nozzles last five times long than any rotating nozzle. 

More Powerful

Produce laminar flow water (other nozzles have turbulent water). This makes the water jet  more powerful and effective.


Our assemblies vibrate for better impact and to make the job faster and easier.

Adjust Jet Angles

Our assemblies travel parallel to the bottom of the line and you can add angle adjusting rings to get the most effective cutting angle.

Easily Maintained

We stock a range of parts so repairs only need a replacement part. You won't have to buy a whole new assembly.


We believe strongly in the quality of Direct Hit Nozzle Assemblies to not only substantially speed up your drain and sewer clearing, but also to make back 20x your investment.

We’ve poured our heart and soul into building a product that will enable you to do the job better than any other solution out there. And we want you to benefit from the speed, power and control of a Direct Hit nozzle assembly without a worry. So we confidently back it with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee. 

If you’re not satisfied in any way, just send the nozzle back to us within 30 days of purchase, and we'll refund your money. There’s only ONE condition: Please tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with the product, so we have a chance to make it even better if we can.